The First Full 'Beauty & The Beast' Trailer Features ALL Your Faves From The Original!

14 November 2016, 14:28 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Beauty & The Beast

By Matt Garforth

Emma Watson will make all your childhood feels come flooding back!

Nothing beats a bit of nostalgia, so when we had our first tease of Emma Watson's appearance in the reboot of Disney's classic 'Beauty And The Beast' back in Spring, we lost all chill.

After the first teaser smashed Internet records by racking up a mighty 91.8m views in under 24 hours, we squealed a little when this BRAND NEW full length trailer dropped.

As well as Emma Watson taking centre stage as Belle, there are shots of old favourites from the classic Disney animation.

Mrs Potts has had a makeover along with the little chipped teapot, Chip, Lumiere and Cogsworth look better than ever in full CGI, and the Beast (played by Dan Stevens) looks absolutely incredible!

We're already re-learning all the lyrics to 'Be Our Guest' in time for the film's release next March. (Just kidding... like we ever FORGOT the lyrics!)

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