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Friday 5th August 2011

Ciaran Griffiths aka Micky Maguire from Shameless came in just before heading off to record his last ever episode of Shameless. He also had a go at blowing up a balloon until it pops


Tuesday 26th July 2011

Chilean Miners Blockbuster

The Chilean Miners are bringing out a film about their time down the mine. Here's what happened when they went to Hollywood to finalise the plans for the film


Friday 22nd July 2011

Wingman popped to Starbucks in St Ann's Square to give lucky listeners a chance at winning loads of great prizes. Take a look at all the pictures here


Monday 18th July 2011

Rob has been in New York on his own all weekend. We arranged for a companion called Alex to meet Rob in NYC and help show him around the Big Apple.  We also left Alex with the show anserphone number. Hear what they got up to

Alex Voicemails

Capital Friday Games

Friday 15th July 2011

Wingman popped to Total Fitness in Altrincham to give lucky listeners a chance at winning loads of great prizes. Take a look at all the pictures here


Monday 10th July 2011 -

Jason Derulo was in Manchester and came in to have a go at blowing up a balloon. Was he the worst we've ever had?!


Tuesday 5th July 2011 - 

The Wanted came in for a chat and had a go at The Balloon Blowing Challenge. How did they get on?

Check out Rob's confession to his wife Lisa after he booked a trip to New York without telling her...




Rooney's New Hair

Monday 6th June 2011 Wayne Rooney has had his new hair transplant. Listen to how it went...
Friday 3rd June 2011 Vote for this bloke to win a modelling competition. Click here
   Roland Bruce

Egg Limbo

Wednesday 1st June 2011 The work experience lad said he could limbo. So we had to find out! But with eggs strapped to his back, it could get messy. Check out the video here

Cheryl Dole Pet

Friday 27th May 2011 Cheryl Dole is back from America and job hunting. Have a listen to her trying to make a fresh start in The UK

Cameron v Obama Gags

Thursday 26th May 2011 Hear David Cameron & Barack Obama cracking gags after The Presidents visit to the Cameron's BBQ...Cringe!

 Work Ex JLS Interview

Wednesday 25th May 2011 Listen back to when the work experience lad had to interview JLS because we were stuck in a drive thru!

 Wingman on Telly!

Tuesday 24th May 2011 Listen back to Wingman getting on Sky Sports News and Granada Reports at The Manchester City Victory Parade - 2 BILLIONTH MINTBALL!!!. Have a look at the pics from the parade here
Tuesday 24th May 2011 Watch Obama's fancy car getting stuck on a speed bump in Ireland here

 Lullaby Arnie

Friday 20th May 2011 Arnie is back singing lullaby's to his new kid.

 Salford Eccles

 The Only Way Is Eccles

Friday May 13th 2011 Ant Payne has been covering while The Rob Ellis Show took a break. He came across new hit show 'The Only Way Is Eccles'. Listen back to all the episodes here
Thursday 28th April 2011 Listen back to all of the Princess Blog entries ahead of Kate Middleton's big day. Click here
Tuesday April 26th 2011 Have a look at the pics of Rachel when she went out looking for help in a wedding dress. Click here

 Guitarthur Semi-Song

Friday April 15th 2011 Guitarthur is back! And he's knocked up a Semi-Final Special ahead of the big Man Utd v Man City FA Cup game this weekend. Listen here and check out his website here
Tuesday April 5th 2011 The Antiques Roadshow was in Manchester, here's what happened when we went down there Click here
Thursday 17th March Corrie Beauty Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) came in for a chat and took on The Balloon Blowing Challenge. Click here

 Katy B Balloon

Wednesday 16th March

Katy B had a go at blowing up the balloon when she came in for a chat with Rach

 Katy B rach

Tuesday 15th March

Check out these boots that have just come out. Who would wear these hairy hooves? Seriously?

Horse boots

Wingman meets Example and Wretch 32

Monday 14th March

Wingman had a chat with Example & Wretch 32 when they were in town for 2 sold out shows at The Academy

 Wingman example wretch 32 balloon interview

Friday 11th March


Example makes history in the blowing up a balloon until it pops challenge. Watch the video here

Example leaderboard



Bruno Mars Full 

Bruno Mars Balloon Blowing

Friday 11th March       

Listen to the full interview with Bruno Mars & also his effort at blowing up a balloon until it pops

Bruno Mars Rob Ellis Manchester

Aussie Hiccups

Click here

Friday 4th March

Here's the clip of an Australian newsreader who gets the hiccups!

Thursday 3rd March

Have a listen to the new Sheila's Wheels ad now that women have to pay the same insurance as men!

Wednesday 2nd March

Poor Rach got a flat tyre. Even worse, she had to put this spare one on instead!

Rach tyre

Monday 21st February

We went down to see Tinie Tempah backstage at The Apollo and it was his turn to blow up a balloon until it pops. Click here

Friday 18th February

Rob saw a guy that looked like he was being pulled along by a husky, but Rob was driving so couldn't take a photo. Here's his artistic impression of what it looked like Wheelchair Husky

Thursday 17th February

Have a look at this comedian from Manchester, Steve Shanyaski. We quite like him and so will you - if you're over 18! Click here

Wednesday 16th February

Tinie Tempah had a bit of an Alan Partridge moment last night at The Brits. 'DAN?'

Tuesday 15th February

Something for Michael Jackson fans. Check out this Mexican taxi driver - Click here

Monday 14th February

It's Valentine's Day! Here's another bit from when we spoke to The Saturdays backstage and what they told us about their plans for today. Extra sexy! Click here

Friday 11th February

Have a look at The Saturdays taking on our challenge - Blow Up A Balloon Until It Pops! The Rob Ellis Show went to meet them before they went on stage on The Apollo. Watch it here 


Wednesday 9th February


Check out the video of the heroic old lady from yesterday & see if you think she looks a bit like Rachel?!


Tuesday 8th Febuary

Check out this video of an old lady taking on some jewellery robbers! She comes over in the red coat. Click here
Friday 3rd Febuary It was Baloon Day! we found some balloons and decided to see who could blow it up to popping point the quickest. Check out the video here ...