Manchester City the big movers in football rich list.

Manchester City take the biggest leap in the list of Europe's richest football clubs. The Premier league big spenders have risen from 20th up to 11th taking in $152.8m in the latest Deloitte Money League figures.

City's rivals Manchester United are the higest placed Premier League club in third ($349.8m), while Arsenal ($274.1m) are fifth, Chelsea ($255.9m) are sixth, and Liverpool ($225.3m) drop to eigth.

Spanish giants Real Madrid top list with $438.6m, ahead of their big rivals Barcelona ($398.1m) in second.

Bayern Munich ($323m), AC Milan ($235.8m), Inter Milan ($224.8m) and Juventus ($205m) make up the top ten, while Tottenham ($146.3m) came 12th and Aston Villa ($109.4m) complete the English represntation in 20th.

The figures are taken from the 2009/10 season.