Wigan Teenager Hopes To Create Paralympic Legacy

A teenager from Wigan who suffered multiple injuries after an horrific skiing accident is pledging to help disabled children, by launching his own charity.

Cameron Foster two months in a wheelchair and had to teach himself to walk again after falling from a ski-lift when he was just 9 years old.

He broke both legs, dislocated both ankles and broke one of his arms in the 40 foot fall.

But now, one year on from the Paralympic Games, Cameron's hoping to give disabled children the opportunity to participate in sport.

He's launching the Cameron Foster Foundation, the aim of which is to provide funding, equipment, support and facilities for young disabled people to play sport and lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Cameron told Capital he was inspired by London 2012:

"I was lucky enough to be a torchbearer for the Olympics which started off the whole inspiration for me.

"The reason we won the bid was to create this legacy after the Games.

"Twelve months on I'm going to try and create that legacy myself by providing young disabled kids with the opportunity to play sport."

The Cameron Foster Foundation officially launches with a big charity dinner at The Imperial War Museum North on 6th September.

To find out more follow this link: http://www.cameronfoster.co.uk/#!the-cf-foundation/c1k9l