Update: Lancashire Baby Investigation

4 October 2011, 15:10 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Detectives investigating the death of a baby found in a brook in Lancashire are appealing for a girl seen pushing a pram close to the area to come forward.

The baby's body was found in a stream in Kirkham on Saturday by a dog walker.

Today police said they had information relating to a girl in her late teens being spotted on a dirt track near Carr Lane, close to the scene, pushing an empty pushchair.

The teenager was seen at around 7pm on Monday, September 26 or Tuesday, September 27, police said.

The girl was said to be 5ft 5ins tall, with dark hair pulled into a ponytail and wearing dark pants and a zip up top.

Senior investigating officer, Detective Superintendent Neil Esseen, said:

'This information is new and I would appeal for that person to come forward so they can be ruled out of the inquiry.

'I would also extend that appeal to the Kirkham community and ask them to think back and see if they can remember witnessing a girl pushing a pram. Even the smallest pieces of information may prove crucial in finding out exactly what has happened.'

Police said they have not ruled out foul play as the death remains unexplained but it was more likely a case of child abandonment

Officers have also released photographs of items found at the scene close to the body.

They include two towels, one with the Union flag on and one green, and a brown fleece - which the child was wearing - that was originally blue and white and from Asda.

Mr Esseen added:

'These items may mean nothing to people on their own, but together it might well be that someone recognises them. I am keen to speak to anyone who recognises the fleece top. It could well be that they have had one similar and given it away to a charity shop or passed it on.

'I cannot emphasise enough on how we need people to come forward with information. We have a large team of detectives carrying out a number of enquiries and I can assure the public that any information received will be treated in confidence and dealt with appropriately.'

Lancashire Police said the baby was believed to be a white girl thought to be up to one month old.

Tests showed the infant could have been in the stream for up to four weeks, police said.


Police: Fleece

Police: Fleece