Police Raids In Manchester

Greater Manchester Police have been carrying out raids on the homes of suspected criminals in south Manchester.

The idea is to catch potential burglars before they commit crime over Christmas, a period when house break-ins normally go up.

Capital Manchester joined the police on a raid in Hulme, where the door of a ground floor flat was knocked down. Inside, Class A and Class B drugs were found, along with CS spray.

A man was arrested and taken to a nearby police station to be questioned.

Aside from house raids officers have been stopping cyclists in Hulme, Longsight and Moss Side.

The areas, which have a high student population, have seen a rise in thefts of mobiles by thieves riding pushbikes.

Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney is from Greater Manchester Police:

"This operation is a pre-emptive strike against offenders who may assume that we will sit back over Christmas and allow them on their merry way.

"The fact is that we plan to ruin their festivities and keep them locked up for Christmas lunch."