Murdered PC Fiona Bone Family Statement

13 June 2013, 18:13 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

An emotional statement was read out from the dad of PC Fiona bone, after her killer was told he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Paul Bone, dad of murdered PC Fiona Bone. 

"Now our part of the trial is concluded we await sentencing, we are thankful that we did not have to sit through the evidence of the killings, and that her fellow officers were spared reliving their experiences in court.

"We extend our sympathy to Nicola’s family and the Short family who have attended this trial every day; they also lost two loved ones in tragic circumstance.

"We have gathered strength from the huge support show to us by the public and police forces from all over the world. Fiona’s death has touched so many. We thank all those that have given their time, effort and money for the memorial at Hyde police station.

"We would also like to publicly thank all those who have taken part in fund raising activities in memory of  Fiona and Nicola, all the monies raised have in the main gone to the Police Benevolent Fund and Care of Police Survivors. Both organisations have helped and supported us over the last few months with friendship and advice.

"Some of these donations will go to establishing a children’s play area in Trafford in Fiona’s memory but the majority of the monies will go toward police charities.

"We would also like to thank all those who wrote to us after Fiona died. Their messages brought us great comfort at a time of great sadness in our lives.

"My family is still coming to terms with our loss and not a day goes by without thinking of Fiona. I am told that it gets easier in time, but for the moment every Tuesday lunch time is difficult, for that was when our lives changed forever.

"Yes we have regrets that Fiona was taken from us but we have no regrets that she was a police officer with Greater Manchester Police  and we are extremely proud of her life and achieve."

PC Fiona Bone