Manchester Charity Pleads For Help

29 August 2013, 17:37 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Greater Manchester-based charity which delivers aid to people in Syria says probable air strikes will make the need for donations ever more urgent.

Syria Relief, which has its base in Altrincham, estimates that around 7 million people have either been displaced or have fled from their homes since the crisis unfolded in 2011.

During that time the charity has raised about £3.5 million - mostly from British donors, according to Trustee Dr. Ayman Jundi:

"Most of that really comes from small donations; the ten pounds, fifteen pounds, the twenty pounds that constantly trickles through our Paypal account."

Dr Jundi, who works as a consultant at the Royal Preston Hospital, told Capital that his colleagues will be severely tested once Syria comes under attack.

"Our instruction to them is not to take any risk and not to compromise any safety because if they are injured they are no good to anyone."

The relief effort, which includes the provision of supplies of food, medicine and shelter, will be stepped up in the event of military action.

The charity is calling for further donations as it struggles to meet the demands of the 7 million Syrians who've been forced from their homes.

"If you give a pound a day for each one of those, that's £7 million a day. No charity can support that kind of expenditure.

"In fact, that will cripple the budget of a small country."

To find out how to donate, follow this link: