19 Years For Wigan Garage Stab Murder

30 April 2012, 19:11 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

21 year old Jonathan Marron from Stranraer Road in Marsh Green pleaded guilty to murder and was jailed for a minimum of 19 years.

Marron started trouble with Ian Sudworth and his 19-year-old girlfriend at a BP garage near to the junction with Scot Lane and Marsh Green last year. 

He'd stolen a kitchen knife from a party he'd been at and then punched the woman in the face while she was standing at a cash machine. 

Ian Sudworth then ran up behind him and told him he had knocked her teeth out and that;s when he pulled the knife out and stabbed him in the chest and groin numerous times. Senior Investigating Officer Andy Tattersall said: "it's sad that a young man has lost his life in this way. 

"Marron went out with the intention of intimidating all who crossed his path. He punched a young woman in her face so hard it pushed her teeth back and when Ian tried to stick up for her he fatally stabbed him. 

This was a callous attack on a young man trying to do the right thing.

"The injuries Marron inflicted on Mr Sudworth cost him his life and left a family devastated.