These Apps Will Help You Transition From College To Uni Student: From Meditation To Studying

22 September 2021, 16:48 | Updated: 22 September 2021, 16:57

The best apps to kick off your term with a flying start
The best apps to kick off your term with a flying start. Picture: Getty
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Starting university is a big transition! Use these apps to help you through as you settle into a new term of study.

There is a lot to get used to as you settle into your first term at university... but downloading a few of these apps may just make things a tad less daunting!

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Whether you need help with time management, studying, referencing or meditating – we've got you covered!

Read on to find out what apps can help you adjust to your new student lifestyle!

Apps to assist your study session

University and studying go hand in hand! Your first term can be a bit full-on as you have to retain a lot of information in a short space of time.

These apps and websites can help you get the hang of academic referencing for those first few daunting essays.

  • RefME or EasyBib - Tools to help you with academic referencing and bibliographies
  • Evernote - Organise and record your study notes
  • Motion - Manage your time, calendar and to-do lists
  • Google Drive - Store your files on the cloud for easy access
  • Trello - Keep track of your assignments with this organisation service

Manage the chaos of all the different modules your studying with sites like Trello and Motion.

Use these apps to organise your studies
Use these apps to organise your studies. Picture: Getty

Apps for post-study meditation

All the assignments, reading and freshers events may leave you feeling a little overwhelmed!

What better time to take up meditation? The following apps can guide you to better sleeping habits as well as help you de-stress from your busy schedule.

  • Calm - Good for sleep, meditation and a selection of celebrity-led stories
  • Breethe - A calming app that helps combat anxiety and stress
  • Unplug - A guided meditation app to help you focus
Meditate with the help of apps to de-stress at uni
Meditate with the help of apps to de-stress at uni. Picture: Getty

Apps to help you get around your new city

You may very well be living in a new city and need help getting around a new campus!

Make sure to get to know your new home away from home, experience what the area has to offer and get from A to B in the most hassle-free way.

  • Citymapper - A public transit and mapping service for major cities
  • Sidekix - An urban discovery app to help you get to know your new area
  • Nearify - Discover local events
  • Lime - Get around your city by renting bikes and carbon footprint friendly vehicles
Get to know your new area
Get to know your new area. Picture: Getty

Apps for those student perks

Now that you're a student, you also get your hands on that coveted student discount!

Taking your university ID to the high street is a good start but make sure you don't miss a trick and sign up to these apps and websites to get access to all that being a student has to offer.

  • UniDays
  • StudentBeans

Don't miss a bargain!

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