How To Create The Reverse Cat Eyeliner Hack Taking Over TikTok

22 July 2021, 17:02

The reverse cat eyeliner hack is taking over TikTok
The reverse cat eyeliner hack is taking over TikTok. Picture: TikTok / Getty
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By Capital FM

The reverse cat eyeliner hack is taking over TikTok – here’s how to recreate the edgy leak.

We have a lot to thank TikTok for, whether it’s the viral recipes, dance routines that kept us busy during 2020 and the multiple beauty hacks that have changed our lives forever.

And there’s another makeup trick taking over the For You page and it involves how to make eye your eyeliner smokey with a little amount of effort.

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It’s called the reverse cat eye and just the tutorials alone are mesmerising.

We’re all used to attempting a winged design with a shaky hand, layering over and over again until our whole eyelid is covered, so this latest reverse eyeliner hack is a game changer.

Here’s how to recreate the seriously smokey look:

  • Sweep pencil liner along your lower lash line
  • Smudge it out with a brush to the outer corner to begin the wing
  • Blend out the look until it’s to your idea of smokey perfection

Once mascara and eyeshadow is added, it takes your makeup to a whole other level.

The look is very Kim Kardashian, especially with false lashes added for extra drama.

Makeup bloggers and influencers have been attempting the look and, seriously, why did no one teach us this sooner?

Thank you, TikTok.

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