What is the 'Cucumber Challenge'? The NSFW videos are dividing the internet

3 July 2019, 15:12

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Well, that's one way to get your five-a-day...

The internet is the birthplace of viral challenges. This week, we've seen the 'Bottle Cap Challenge' go viral, while the 'Dick Appointment Text Challenge' had us choking with laughter last month. Well, there's a new challenge on the block now – but this one isn't quite as wholesome…

People are filming their mum's reactions whilst they shop for condoms and I'm crying

You've probably seen a lot of conversation about cucumbers on your timeline recently and, sadly, no-one is eating them anymore. People are taking part in the 'Cucumber Challenge' and it's sparked a major online reaction.

Cucumber Challenge girl/Wendy Williams.
Cucumber Challenge girl/Wendy Williams. Picture: Instagram:@island_laughs/Pop

What is the 'Cucumber Challenge'?


Basically, the 'Cucumber Challenge' involves simulating oral sex on a cucumber. It's not known where the challenge originated, but lets not pretend like the act is anything new. People have been showing off their, um, skills with phallic-shaped fruit and vegetables for a while, but the explicit videos are sweeping the internet right now.

The 'Cucumber Challenge' has received a lot of hate online and has been accused of being "degrading".

However, some have spoken out in defence of people who have decided to take part in the 'Cucumber Challenge', including Amber Rose. At the end of the day, should people not be allowed to express their sexuality?

The model and SlutWalk founder shared a lengthy Instagram video in which she urged her followers not to shame people for doing it.

"We all suck dick, right? Like, we literally suck dick," she explained. "But everyone's on the internet shaming this girl for sucking a cucumber but, like, we literally suck dick. Why are you mad that a girl sucked on a cucumber?"

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