Shane Dawson explains why James Charles drama was removed from his documentary

8 November 2019, 15:23

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama was meant to be featured in Shane's Jeffree Star docu-series but it was cut for a number of reasons.

When the trailer for Shane Dawson's documentary about Jeffree Star's beauty world and the creation of the Conspiracy collection dropped back in September, everyone was gagged for a number of reasons. 1) Shane and Jeffree's collab, 2) Shane's proposal to Ryland and 3) Shane's reaction to 'Dramageddon,' aka the huge fall out between James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

Despite being teased, we have yet to see any footage of that moment and fans have been starting to question why Shane left it out. After a handful of comments calling him out for clickbait, Shane took to Instagram live to address what's going on.

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Turns out that Shane did originally plan to include the drama footage, but a change of heart and direction with the narrative of the series meant that it was left out. Now, he feels "weird" about releasing it after such a positive and inspiring reaction.

In fact, Shane feels like the palette reveal episode was "like a finale" and now he's in two minds about uploading the rest of the documentary altogether.

Shane Dawson explains why James Charles and Tati Westbrook's drama isn't in his docu-series
Shane Dawson explains why James Charles and Tati Westbrook's drama isn't in his docu-series. Picture: @shanedawson via Instagram

Ok, here's the tea. In the live, Shane revealed that he was originally meant to release 2 episodes a week, for 10 episodes. He had edited everything (minus the music) and was ahead of schedule.

Shane explained that he originally mapped out the series to be an inside look at Jeffree's business and how his brain works, interspersed with tea on the beauty industry. He said that he initially had two episodes surrounding drama in the beauty world including the James and Tati beef and the whole thing with Morgan Adams and the "asshole" influencers.

"I have a whole Dramageddon episode edited," Shane told his fans. "It's an hour and a half long. It's f*cking insane, it's crazy. I don't think it makes anyone look– I don't wanna hurt anyone. There's no crazy new information, it's just kind of me in the world and seeing what happens and everyone fucking up and moving on."

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Shane also revealed that he sent the trailer to James Charles who replied saying he was "scared" because he had just got over the whole thing but that he trusted Shane.

In the end, Shane ended up changing the narrative of the series and decided to drop the Dramageddon episodes because of the positive impact that the rest of the series had had on the community.

"Everything I've been a part of, I really really try to have a good ending," he told fans. "Whether it's in a video or in real life. The Dramageddon stuff kind of started taking a turn, it got to a point where it was evident to me that it was so much bigger than tea and drama."

He later said: "When we filmed it all, I was like... This is gonna be insane but now I'm like ohhhh, it's weird. And sad, and just weird."

Toward the end of the video, Shane said: "I don't wanna leave people feeling weird. Because I feel weird. I should have never put the drama in the trailer, I should have never done that. But I did it because I thought that's what the series was."

In the live video, Shane even confessed that he might not put out any more videos from the series, explaining that he kind of wanted to end the whole thing on a high with the reveal episode.

"That last video felt like the end. It felt like a finale to me. I feel like that last video is my favourite video I've ever made in my whole life. So I'm just kinda like... I don't know what to do," he said. "What's the point, what's the point in even showing the launch day? Nothing feels as meaningful as that last episode did, when I was crying in the factory. That to me was the best moment of my whole life."

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Despite Shane's feelings, they are editing footage from the launch day, the meet and greet and are still currently shooting but whether or not that gets uploaded remains to be seen: "We have all that footage, and we're still filming something tomorrow for the finale, I guess, but i just can't shake the gut feeling of like, 'is this pointless?'"

"People are like, there's 3 more episodes and I'm like 'NO THERE'S NOT!' I have enough for 10 more episodes but this needs to be done."