Jeffree Star sells "75%" of designer wardrobe before moving to Hidden Hills mansion

16 December 2019, 14:40

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Jeffree estimates that 20% of his wardrobe, which includes pieces from Gucci, Balmain, Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton, has actually never been touched.

Whether it be during wardrobe tours, pink vault tours or in his main channel videos, we've seen a lot of Jeffree Star's colourful designer clothing.

Ahead of his and boyfriend Nathan Schwandt's big move to their new house in Hidden Hills, California, Jeffree decided to clear out their entire house – which meant selling, throwing out and donating a huge selection of his extremely expensive, extremely luxe and extremely iconic wardrobe.

In his video ('Cleaning Out Our ENTIRE Messy House!'), Jeffree takes us through at least 4 of his closets and clears them out. Explaining the current state of their combined wardrobes, Jeffree said a lot of his and Nathan's clothing "is in pristine condition, or we've worn it like once." Later in the video, Jeffree estimates that 20% of his wardrobe has actually never been touched.

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Jeffree went to town on his wardrobe and got rid of almost 75% of his clothes. His reason for doing so? He's in a "different head space."

"So much has happened this year. I'm ready to clean, I'm ready to get rid of stuff, explained Jeffree. "And if I'm never going to wear any of this stuff again, why just let it sit? Let someone else enjoy it..."

Jeffree Star clears out designer wardrobe ahead of moving into new Hidden Hills house
Jeffree Star clears out designer wardrobe ahead of moving into new Hidden Hills house. Picture: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images, JeffreeStar via YouTube

Items from Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Gucci, Chanel, Balmain, Givenchy, Miu Miu and many many many more designers were pulled from Jeffree's closet. Many with tags on that have never been worn and a few that had been worn by Jeffree once. Bags and bags and bags can be seen being taken out of Jeffree's house near the end of the clear out.

A lot of the pieces are from seasons past, which means they are no longer available to buy. After catching a glimpse of a few items in Jeffree's wardrobe, we've worked out how much certain pieces would've cost, or how much pre-owned versions are currently being sold for:

Green Gucci jumpsuit (as worn by Jeffree in Paris) - $4,300 retail price

Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski Crystal bar trainers - currently being sold online for $1,355

Leather studded Gucci jacket - $12,500 retail price (Jeffree bought this and forgot to return it)

Balmain sequin mini dress - $5,255 retail price

Balmain snake print blazer - currently being sold online for $4,561

Gucci S/S17 embroidered 'Elton' jacket - $10,800 retail price

And that's only like, 6 items out of God knows how many! Some of the more iconic items, like Jeffree's pink silk Gucci snake jacket that was worn in his Harry Potter Storybook Cosmetics review video, were kept. All custom clothing and shoes were also kept and the other one important thing he saved? A Shane Dawson merch hoodie, duh.

For now, it also looks like Jeffree's huge Birkin collection will remain in tact as none of those bags were shown during the clear out.

Bags and bags of Jeffree Star's designer clothes are set to be sold
Bags and bags of Jeffree Star's designer clothes are set to be sold. Picture: Jeffree Star via YouTube

Speaking to the camera about the decision to get rid of so much of his wardrobe, Jeffree explained his thought process.

"I went through this crazy phase of like, too much stuff. I'm sure you noticed... Makeup, clothes, everything..." Jeffree explained. "It's almost like the sense of like, 'is it all gonna go away? Should I hoard because it could all be pulled away from me like it was before, during my MySpace days and during my tax problems 10 years ago?'"

"It's a little haunting, it's a little weird. So, I'm glad that that chapter is over. I'm letting go of all this stuff..." he continued. "I'm in a really good headspace. Ready to clear a lot of the stuff out and enter my new home with a lot of clarity and cleanliness."

All of Jeffree's clothes will likely be available to buy on The RealReal, so if you're in the market from some red faux fur Miu Miu raver boots, go nuts.