Capital FM FAQs

How can I listen to audio clips or watch video online?

If you are having trouble viewing our live video streams or hearing the audio feed, there is likely to be a simple solution to the problem. The most common problem is that your computer does not have the correct software installed. All the software required is completely free, there's a list of links below.

What software do I need?

Why have you restricted your stream to listeners in the UK?

If you live abroad you might have noticed a bit of a change with our player. This has happened because of a change in the way we are allowed by the music industry to stream on the Internet.

Capital FM has to have a licence to play music from a body called PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd – www.ppluk.com) which acts on behalf of the record companies to collect royalties.

In recent years as internet streaming has become more widespread, the PPL have decided to clarify that the royalty payments that we make only cover our use of music as simulcasts of our radio stations and within the UK.

To comply with the new licence terms we have to demonstrate that our listening is only being heard in the UK.

As a result we have had to make a slight modification to our player.

  • For the majority of listeners, the change will be invisible, as we will able to automatically verify that the network you're connected to is in the UK, and show you the player as normal.
  • Some people are in the UK but their internet connection appears to be connected to networks outside the UK. If you appear to be outside the UK, we will ask you to provide a valid UK postcode. We won't be storing any personal information, but a cookie will allow you to be connected to the player automatically for the next 90 days. You will need to re-validate every 90 days to carry on listening to Capital Radio online.
  • If you don't live in the UK, and are unable to provide a valid postcode (e.g. WC2H 7LA) you will be unable to connect to the player.

Contact Capital

You can contact a DJ directly using the contact forms they have on their own pages.

For other general queries, you can use out standard contact form .