Which Ariana Grande Music Video Will We Get Next? Clues From 'POV' To 'Motive'

14 January 2021, 16:51

Could Ariana Grande have more 'Positions' music videos on the way?
Could Ariana Grande have more 'Positions' music videos on the way? Picture: YouTube Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande fans think she may have more music videos on the way after Alfredo Flores teased he's been working hard. Here are the clues and our predictions for what could be next...

Ariana Grande is well underway with her sixth album era, 'Positions' and has already dropped two incredible music videos for the title track as well as 34+35- however, fans are already hungry for now.

Now, fans think she could have even more on the way after her photographer/videographer and close friend, Alfredo Flores, has been hinting he's been a very busy guy.

On top of this, Ari is known for waiting to see which tracks her fans love the most- much like what happened with 'breathin' during her Sweetener era.

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Ariana's videographer Alfredo Flores teases February drops

Responding to a fan who said they want to see him directing music videos, Alfredo wrote:

"I have been and it's been super exciting and they start releasing in Feb."

Clues don't come much bigger than that, although Alfredo has also worked with other artists, notably Justin Bieber and his song 'Anyone'.

However, something tells us he could be turning his sights to Ari's music, as he also posted a screenshot of himself listening to 'pov' soon after.

Only time till tell- roll on February!


The very last track on 'Positions', 'pov' became an instant fan favourite despite Ari not (yet) releasing it as a single.

We're just as obsessed with the song and would absolutely live if she dropped a video for it, with fans often asking the singer to drop the video for it, in their usual familiar style on Twitter.

Like 'breathin', which Ari eventually dropped a video for making fans' dreams come true, it could be that the 'unlikely' hit

Motive ft. Doja Cat

We think to not make a music video for this certified bop would be a missed opportunity, seeing as both are known for making vibrant and colourful pop culture moments with their videos.

Having both of them in one together may very well break the internet.

We know Doja is likely to appear on Ari's 34+35 remix, so the pair clearly have a great working relationship, so we think it would be great for them to show off, in all their glory, in a video that would surely be a smash!

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