Most Intriguing Tweets Of The Week Featuring Example And Ed Sheeran (January 3rd)

5 January 2014, 12:11 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:05

Example instagram

Our pick of the most Intriguing tweets from the world of hit music over the past week featuring Ed Sheeran's announcement tease, Katy Perry's new single, Nathan Skyes 2014 plans and Example's Instagram rant!

We're only days into 2014 and our favourite music stars are already teasing us and blowing off steam on Twitter! Check out our round-up of last week's most intriguing tweets. If you can shed any light on their true meaning, let us know below!


Ok Ed, you can't just come on Twitter and turn all Mr. Tease on us! WHAT does this mean???


OUCH! Are we talking about anyone in particular Example? Go on tell us!


Is this the BRIT Awards organisers hinting at some kind of theme for this year's event? #RandomTweet


Talk about easily pleased Jay! Welcome to the internet ;)


Sooooo is this you officially confirming your next single Katy? Is this for the UK too? Tell us!


Well let's be honest Nathan, you've been pretty damn successful for the last few years so this status makes us VERY excited too! Can you tell us one secret? Just one?


We just don't get the link between phone charging and dribble? #DangerousCombination - What were you looking at? #KeepItClean


Much smoother than a pineapple though Frankie? Dirty Dancing? 


Ok so is this 'ugly fat Tom' a relative? Neighbour? Imaginary friend?


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