TikTok Video Of Pizza Hut & Papa John's Prank Call Is Hilarious: 'His Confused Voice Is Low-Key Cute'

25 October 2019, 16:10

A pizza prank call video has gone viral
A pizza prank call video has gone viral. Picture: TikTok/Twitter

A TikTok video has circulated on social media of pizza delivery chains trying to take each other’s orders.

A new TikTok video has gone viral after the hilarious snap shows the user, Mac Hereford (@machereford) calling Pizza Hut and Papa John’s on different phones and allowing them to speak to each other in a prank.

Both pizza delivery chains were head-to-head in the video as they both answered the phone to, rightly-so, take an order from who they thought was a customer.

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The video received over two million likes on TikTok and it wasn't long before it circulated on Twitter, gaining over 80K retweets in 24 hours.

Equally puzzled in the 35-second video, both parties taking the order can be heard offering pizza deals to each other, as they both are unaware who they’re speaking to.

After a confusing intro, the Pizza Hut worker said: “You called Pizza Hut, this is Jim how can I help you?” with the Papa John’s worker replying: “Sir this is Papa John’s would you like to hear our specialities tonight? We’ve got an $8.99 pepperoni large pizza.

Jim then responds, saying: “We’ve got a $7.99 if you’d like to place an order for that?”

His innocence won over the hearts of fans in the comments after they were in a mix of ‘aww’s and laughing emojis. One tweet read: “Lmfaooo we have a 7.99 order if you wanna try that.”

“Is it weird if I ship them? Pizza Hut’s confused voice is low-key cute. He’s in love, I swear,” another added.

“Pizza Hut somehow managed to both be confused and 1-Up the Papa John’s with a one dollar cheaper large pepperoni pizza. He was playing 4D chess while Papa John’s was playing checkers,” read another tweet.

Some people even thought dragging another fast food chain would even out the score between the two competing companies, saying: “Domino’s would have hung up with QUICKNESS,” while someone replied: “Dominos wouldn’t of even picked up the phone [sic].”

Fans were quick to point out a previous prank that circulated long before the days of TikTok, when someone put two Chinese takeaway restaurants on a two-way call with the same concept as Mac's viral clip.

One wrote: "This will never beat when someone called two diff Chinese spots," before a string of tweets were in agreement about the old-school video.

Either way it seems social media loves a prank almost as much as they love pizza!

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