7 Things To Do At Home During Isolation That Don’t Involve Watching TV: From Spa Days To Getaway Planning

27 March 2020, 14:58 | Updated: 27 March 2020, 15:01

There are plenty of things you can do at home during isolation that don't involve the TV
There are plenty of things you can do at home during isolation that don't involve the TV. Picture: Instagram

If you’re already having to peel yourself off of the sofa after binge-watching Netflix for days during self-isolation at home, you might be inspired by the below...

Whether you’re just a few days or more than a whole week into the self-isolation life, you may have found that you’ve already binge-watched the entirety of Netflix and re-watched all of your favourite films.

And if you're new to the work from home structure, you could begin with making a list of everything you want to achieve during your time in quarantine, but with all of these extra hours on our hands, there are plenty more options of things to do indoors which don’t involve staring at the TV screen.

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From bringing the spa to your bedroom to trying the makeup you’ve had saved on Instagram for weeks, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to switch-off and utilise other parts of your brain during this strange old isolation period...

Have an at-home spa day

Dua Lipa has been passing the time in a huge bubble bath
Dua Lipa has been passing the time in a huge bubble bath. Picture: Dua Lipa/Twitter

In uncertain times like this, remaining calm and stress-free are vital for your mental wellbeing, so what better way to unwind than with your own little pamper session?

Whether it’s simply having a bubble bath and lighting a few candles or taking the time to give yourself a proper manicure, switching off from reality and focusing on yourself is guaranteed to reset your mind.

Or, after a warm soak, follow these steps…

1. Set up a relaxation area by putting on spa-like music and lighting some candles.

2. Wrap yourself in your cosiest dressing gown and tie back your hair – you could even use this opportunity to put on a hair mask.

3. Slather on the face mask you’ve been meaning to do for weeks!

4. Make your favourite drink, whether it’s an aromatic tea or something else…

5. Kick back with a magazine, a book, or simply shut your eyes until you feel revitalised.

Make some home-cooked goodies

Give your cooking abilities a go by baking at home
Give your cooking abilities a go by baking at home. Picture: Getty

Log on to Pinterest and unearth those home-cooking and baking boards you’ve been pinning ideas to for years but never got around to.

As you’ve got time to kill, why not attempt a recipe you’ve always thought might be too complicated – it’s definitely so much easier than you think!

Or, fill the house with the aromas of freshly-baked goods and make something easy the rest of your household is guaranteed to love, such as cupcakes, flapjacks, or cookies.

Dig out the games

Monopoly is always a winner when you need a game to pass the time
Monopoly is always a winner when you need a game to pass the time. Picture: Getty

Instead of waiting for Christmas to dig out the board games at the back of your cupboard, gather whoever else you’re quarantining with and play some good, old-fashioned games.

Monopoly has the ability to kill hours, while a pack of cards will give you so many options of games.

Inventing a quiz game to play with your mates over FaceTime is a sure way to provide the lols you need right now.

Make puzzles your thing

While some might find puzzles the most frustrating thing in the entire world, they’re a challenge that’ll definitely have you addicted if you invest in one with a few hundred – or a few thousand – pieces.

If you don’t want puzzles taking up your table however, why not give crosswords or sudoku a go?

Plan your next trip

Planning your next holiday will certainly kill some time
Planning your next holiday will certainly kill some time. Picture: Getty

No one knows how long the nation will be self-isolating, but one thing’s for sure; this difficult phase will come to an end! If you’ve had to postpone any trips, start planning what you can do there now that you might be visiting during a different month.

If you didn’t have any getaways booked anyway, plan out a visit to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, whether it’s a city in your homeland you’ve never ventured to or a faraway location you’ve always dreamt of, spending time planning your perfect vacay will definitely boost your mood.

Re-ignite your creative side

Remember the phase where colouring books for adults were ‘in’? Well, they’re ‘in’ again… you can get your hands on books full of intricate designs for as little as £5!

If colouring isn’t your thing, you could make a mood board of a goal you’re working towards.

Even experimenting with new makeup trends and hairstyles will boost your creativity. When Anne Marie shared a video of her daily make-up routine, fans were instantly inspired to re-create it.

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This is how bored I am. #quarantine

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Make a photo album

Spending the time of printing off all your favourite pictures from your camera roll is a task we’ve all said we’ll do eventually, and you literally have no excuse now not to flick through your albums!

Apps like FreePrints are so easy to use, and deliver your printed pics within a matter of days!

As well as reminiscing all your happy memories captured on camera, it’s incredibly therapeutic to sit and arrange them into a photo album or scrap book.

It might also make the perfect present for a loved one!

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