The One Direction Monopoly Board Game Is The Best Merch We've Ever Seen

21 July 2020, 15:06

One Direction Monopoly is a thing and we're obsessed
One Direction Monopoly is a thing and we're obsessed. Picture:

One Direction merch' has always been huge, but did you know there's an actual One Direction Monopoly board?!

One Direction have always had a giant range of merch, from hoodies and DVDs to dolls and mugs, but stumbling across 1D Monopoly may be the most amazing item we've ever found to exist.

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The properties on the board have been replaced with moments from the band's career, including 'auditioning for the X Factor' and 'Royal Variety Performance' and 'The Brit Awards', and the train stations replaced with different tours.

The £200 taxes have been replaced with 'buy concert tickets' and the chance cards say things like 'go and see 1D on tour, if you pass 'Go' collect £200'.

Oh, and the best part is their faces are splash right across the centre of the board- someone has done a seriously in detail unboxing of the whole thing so you can see for yourself.

One Direction Monopoly is actually a thing
One Direction Monopoly is actually a thing. Picture:
One Direction Monopoly is the best merch we've ever seen
One Direction Monopoly is the best merch we've ever seen. Picture:

Despite the fact the game has been round since 2014, some fans, like us, are only just discovering its existence, whilst others have owned and been playing the game for years!

One fan wrote, "hold up there is a one direction monopoly?? or is this fake", and another said, "i just remembered one direction monopoly exists."

There's also 1D Twister, Top Trumps and playing cards if you're in the gaming mood but cba to be away from the boys for an extended period of time.

You can still get your hands on one if you do some online digging, with plenty of fans still unboxing the game in 2020, or, if you were savvy enough to buy one back in the day, can you invite us round to play?

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