7 Phone Accessories You Legit Can't Live Without In 2018

10 April 2018, 15:09 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

iPhone accessories

Forget selfie sticks... it is time to re-invent your phone accessory game.

If you feel like you're always one step behind when it comes to the latest tech and phone gadgets then we have got THE list for you.

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Whether you're looking for something flash or practical, these accessories are all must-haves... seriously, you NEED these!

1. The phone case that's always a CHARGER!

What the hell is this wizardry and why haven't they been around for years and years already? Yup, this phone case has an inbuilt charger so you can continue taking those selfies on a night out for the rest of your life!

2. Camera lenses to up your Insta game.

Why is it every time we take a photo it looks like it was taken with a 1990s disposable camera and everyone else on Insta has got these perfect snaps? Well... they're probably using one of these bad boys!

3. Pop sockets for the win.

They make your phone easier to hold when taking that perfect selfie and you'll never drop it in the toilet ever again... FACT.

4. Take your gaming to a whole new level with this controller.

We're not in the days of Flappy Bird anymore, oh no. Stop being a n00b and bring your gaming to the next level with this epic controller.

5. A wireless Bluetooth speaker (that's waterproof preferably!).

Umm... how are you going to listen to all those Capital FM bangers otherwise?!

6. A professional microphone to make the sound on your videos POP!

Whether you LOVE taking Snapchats at gigs or even posting your own covers on Insta, a phone mic might just be the blessing you never knew you needed!

7. A Tile Style?! Let us explain...

If you haven't heard of this already you are in for a treat. A Tile Style is basically a tracker you can attach to your valuable which will then send a signal back to your phone to show you exactly where it is! Basically, You - 1, Thieves - 0! 

Ever wanted you iPhone speaker to be just a lil louder? You're welcome...