How To Get The Disney Snapchat Pet Filter To Transform Your Dog!

11 August 2020, 15:01

This 'Disney' Snapchat filter has arrived to transform your dogs
This 'Disney' Snapchat filter has arrived to transform your dogs. Picture: Twitter @yameowni/ @bunnabees

The latest filter trend transforms your pet into a real life Disney animation and people are seeing their animals in a whole new way for the first time!

The 'Disney pet' Snapchat filter has arrived to transform our four-legged friends into real life animations and people are hooked on seeing their pets like they've never seen them before.

So, how can you access this incredible filter to see what your dog would look like in a real life Disney film?

Here's everything you need to know!

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How do I get the Disney Snapchat filter?

To access the filter, you have to have Snapchat downloaded on your phone and pull up the filters section, hit the search icon in the top left corner.

From there, you will be able to search the filter name 'Cartoon Face' (unsurprisingly as it is not an official 'Disney' filter).

Once you have it up, you'll be able to choose eye colour, eyebrow shape, and you can even give your dog some princess worthy eyelashes.

You can totally try the filter on yourself, but we have tons of the things, let's just give this one to the pets?!

Some people have been complaining it won't work on their dog, which is understandable as they come in so many shapes and sizes, but other have offered advice, saying:

"You gotta get the right angle and give it a sec... but it works."

Unsurprisingly, people are buzzing to see their canine friend like they've never experienced it, "SNAPCHAT HAS A DOG FILTER THAT DOES DISNEY EYES THIS IS NOT A DRILL."

Another gushed: "There’s a filter on snapchat that turns your dog into a cartoon and oh my god", and we're not going to lie, their dog looks like it's about to become our new best friend.

This is the part where we admit we don't have a dog so we ask if people could please send us snaps of their animated dog friend, because we really, really like them.

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