All Of Ariana Grande's Number 1 Hits From 'Positions' To 'Thank U Next'

10 November 2020, 17:02

Ariana Grande is an undisputed chart queen, dropping tunes that head straight to the #1 spot and she's showing absolutely no sign of slowing down with her sixth album, 'Positions.'

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest artists in the world, not just by reputation, but cold hard facts- having banked 6 number 1 hits throughout her career, as well as endless number 1 albums, GRAMMYS, top 10s, you name it.

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Every number 1 Ariana Grande has charted
Every number 1 Ariana Grande has charted. Picture: Instagram @arianagrande/ Getty Images

We're looking at a mixture of UK and US number 1's here, and a whole lot of her discography has bagged the top spot.

Interestingly, Billboard noted Ariana 'couldn't quite snag' a number 1 hit in the US in the first five years of her career, despite having endless top 10s, even top 5s and her albums heading to number 1 across the globe.

However, Ari pretty much changed the game when she dropped 'thank u, next' which dominated the charts and cemented her place as a global superstar- something we all knew her as long before this.

So, let's see which of her tracks have taken that top spot...


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The lead and title track from her sixth album came from practically out of the blue, with Ari breaking Twitter with a single sentence that said:

"I can't wait to give u my album this month."

Just like that, a week later, we had this insanely catchy tune that shot straight to the top of the US chart (and number 2 on the Big Top 40).

The following full-length album has only been with us a few weeks and Ari's described it as her favourite record she's ever put out and fans are absolutely loving it.

We're excited to see where else the tracks chart, as she's currently filling top 10 spots around the world!

Stuck Wit U (with Justin Bieber)

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Ariana has never been to waste any time and lockdown proved this exactly as she and Justin Bieber dropped the dreamy duet 'Stuck Wit U' right in the midst of the 2020 pandemic and the tune made it to the number 1 spot in the UK and in the US.

The collab' was undoubtedly able to come together quickly as the two singer's share a manager, Scooter Braun, and their two incredible vocals work impeccably together.

They had been meaning to duet for years and 2020 lockdown proved the perfect opportunity.

Rain On Me (with Lady Gaga)

In what might be the most exciting collaboration of all time and definitely of the year, Lady Gaga enlisted the help of her newfound BFF, Ari, to belt out the iconic duet 'Rain On Me' from Gaga's sixth album, 'Chromatica'.

It's an unforgettable floor-filling pop anthem that people so desperately craved the summer of 2020 and the accompanying video fulfilled everyone's hopes and dreams.

Unsurprisingly, the track hit the number 1 spot in the UK and across the pond, as if a Gaga and Ariana track would land anywhere else!

Both this collab and her Bieber duet debuted at number 1 on the Billboard chart within two weeks of each other and if that stat doesn't scream of someone at the peak of their career, we really don't know what else does!

Thank u, next

November 3rd, 2018 is a date everyone ought to remember, because it will go down as a moment in pop history forever.

It is the day Ariana surprise dropped the track that name checked her exes and wished them all well in the iconic break-up track that went viral across the globe and hit number 1 basically everywhere imaginable.

The track came off the back of the tragic death of (her ex) Mac Miller and the split from Pete Davidson and the world was all-ears to see what Ari had to say.

The accompanying music video that paid homage to iconic noughties flicks including Mean Girls broke all sorts of YouTube records.

The tune spent 7 non-consecutive weeks at the top of the Billboard chart which is no mean feat, proving what a game-changing track this was for the star.

No Tears Left To Cry

'No Tears Left To Cry' was the lead single from Ariana's 2018 'Sweetener' album, kicking off a brand new era and was the first piece of music she had released since the tragic Manchester Arena Bombing during her 'Dangerous Woman' tour in 2017.

Fans around the world had been eagerly awaiting the singer's return and she absolutely did not disappoint.

She dropped the uplifting banger that acknowledged the pain she had endured in recent times, and it was sent it straight to number 1 in the UK.

Bang Bang (with Jessie J & Nicki Minaj)

Here in the UK, we appreciated the full star power of Ari a little sooner than in the US and crowned her with the number 1 spot with 2014 track 'Bang Bang', from her second album, 'My Everything'.

Featuring a rap from her close friend and long time collaborator, Nicki Minaj, that we're sure everyone know the words to, as well as incredible vocals from Jessie J.

However, Ariana has since joked she is 'so over' the song and would happily never perform it again, but it was her first UK number 1 track, something to be celebrated!

She tweeted to a fan whilst chatting about an upcoming tour set list: "Lots of new materiaaaaal + oldies (the oldies we like). I mean unless y'all wanna hear bang bang again."

When the fan agreed, saying they 'never want to hear that sh** again', Ariana replied: "Thank God. Can't wait to show this to my team."


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