How Did Zayn And Gigi Hadid Meet? Supermodel & 'Pillowtalk' Singer's Love Story Revealed

12 August 2020, 15:12

Zayn and Gigi went from celebrity strangers to starting a family within five years and how their relationship came around is honestly the sweetest story ever.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are gearing up to welcome their baby girl to the world and we're looking back at how far the power couple have come, from strangers, to couple goals, to starting a whole family!

Gigi, 25, revealed how she finally met the former One Direction star after the pair kept missing each other whilst appearing on Ellen back in 2017, and the whole story has us feeling like their love story really was fate...

Zayn Left Kylie Jenner's Party Future Girlfriend Gigi Hadid Was At With Joe Jonas Five Years Ago

So, how did Gigi and Zayn start dating and when did their relationship begin?

Here's how Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik met one another
Here's how Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik met one another. Picture: Getty Images/ Ellen

In 2015, Gigi was in a relationship with Joe Jonas, and Zayn was fresh from leaving One Direction and embarking on his solo career.

Both of them were moving in A-lister circles over in New York and LA, from attending Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday party, (although with different people) to having similar friends such as Taylor Swift.

Gigi was walking in the Victoria's Secret fashion show and Zayn was supposed to be in attendance, but he wasn't- nor was he at the afterparty, which the model was searching for him at!

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Whilst appearing on Ellen in 2017, the private supermodel was more than happy to dish on her relationship with the 'Like I Would' singer.

She said: "We actually met at a friend's birthday party a few years ago... then he was in New York to come to the Victoria's Secret Show and ended up not coming...and I was like, I'll play it cool."

"I'll go to the afterparty... he wasn't there."

However, the pair didn't give up on catching one another, as Gigi revealed: "Then like later that week we ended up going on our first date."

"We played it cool for like ten minutes and then I was like, you're really cute."

"We connected really quickly and just started sharing videos and have the same sense of humour."

Fast forward five years and Zigi, as they're affectionately known, are about to welcome their first child together in September, and honestly, if that isn't an amazing love story, we don't know what is!

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