Harry Styles To Star In Short Films For Gucci & We're Ready For His Lewks

5 November 2020, 17:43

Harry Styles will star in a series of short films for Gucci
Harry Styles will star in a series of short films for Gucci. Picture: PA/ Harry Styles Youtube

Harry Styles is set to star in a series of short films for Gucci as if we weren't being blessed with his face on our screen enough already.

Harry Styles isn't quite done saving 2020 just yet as it has been announced the singer will star in a series of short films for Gucci and we're honestly being spoiled with how often we're seeing him on our screen at the moment.

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The 'Golden' singer is the current face of the mens tailoring section of the high end line and has been rocking their clothes ever since joining the fashion house in 2018, which has helped shape his unique and trademark style fans know and love so much.

The seven part short film series will be Gucci's way of premiering its upcoming collection and they will air during GucciFest, which will begin on November 16th and conclude on the 22nd.

You'll be able to watch this on Youtube Fashion, which was launched in 2019, where endless designers have been debuting their collections and runways as the pandemic has forced all live events to halt.

The Italian fashion line has been busily getting creative and drawing some huge names in alongside Mr. Styles including, Billie Eilish, Florench Welch and Arlo Parx, to name just a few.

The series is called the Ouverture of Something that Never Ended and is co-directed by creative director Alessandro Michele (who Harry hosted the 2019 Met Gala with) and Van Sant.

So, we've had Harry in music videos (still playing 'Golden' on repeat, WBU?) and we still have Harry's movies (Don't Worry, Darling) and now, Harry werking his enviable style to look forward to.

2020 doesn't seem so bad all of a sudden, does it?

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