Four Happy News Stories That Have Nothing To Do With Coronavirus

17 March 2020, 13:10 | Updated: 17 March 2020, 17:05

Some happy news stories to brighten your day
Some happy news stories to brighten your day. Picture: Shedd Aquarium/Twitter / Getty

Times are very strange right now amid the coronavirus pandemic, so we’re in need of some happy news stories now more than ever.

Being bombarded with news stories of the coronavirus pandemic everywhere we look is not good for anyone’s mental health, and it’s important we all take time to focus on the more positive things going on in the world.

Of course this can be difficult, so we’ve rounded up some happy news stories to remind you of the wholesome things happening around us!

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From the positivity queen that is Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness, to penguins in a Chicago aquarium being given free-reign of the park, take a read of the below stories to put a smile back on your face.

Jonathan Van Ness releases children’s book about a non-binary guinea pig going for their gymnastic dreams

There is honestly so much joy just from the name of Jonathan Van Ness’ new children’s book; ’Peanut Goes for the Gold’.

Just when you thought the Fab Five icon of Queer Eye fame couldn’t bring anymore sunshine into the world, Jonathan created a storybook about a non-binary guinea pig named Peanut living out their gymnastic dreams of going for gold.

Jonathan made his own life goals reality recently, taking his obsession with figure skating up a notch by getting lessons on the ice with the likes of pro-skater Eliot Halverson and Michelle Kwan.

Penguins openly explore Chicago aquarium

Penguins in an aquarium that closed its doors to visitors had free-reign of the entire vicinity after they were let out of their enclosure.

Shedd Aquarium have been posting videos of the penguins having their own little field trips around the aquarium, with a ‘bonded’ pair named Edward and Annie making a date out of the special occasion.

After watching these videos you’ll become obsessed with the penguin’s daily adventures, trust us.

The canals in Venice see the return of swans

Due to the lack of congestion from the river taxis in Venice, residents have seen the water return to a clearer state, with fish visible beneath the surface.

A passer by noticed the change in the water’s clarity and couldn’t help but share the photos when they saw the swans swimming happily through the canals.

100-year-old tortoise single-handedly saves his own species

If you’re not already following The Happy Newspaper, now is the time to do so as the publication “celebrates all that is good in the world”.

Their recent post about a 100-year-old tortoise single-handedly saving his own species by fathering 800 offspring melted our hearts.

Check out @thehappynewspaper on Instagram for even more feel-good stories.

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