Everything We Know About Harry Styles's British-American Accent

9 December 2020, 15:51

Harry Styles's accent is always the topic of conversation
Harry Styles's accent is always the topic of conversation. Picture: Twitter Variety/ YouTube Apple Music Zane Lowe

Harry Styles's accent is something fans can't stop talking about from his slight American twang to

Harry Styles, as we know, is a globetrotting superstar and it seems he has the accent to prove it as fans constantly talk about the American twang to his usual northern English (Cheshire to be precise) accent.

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As the 'Golden' singer has said, he feels most at home in his house in London, but, he spends so much of his life on the road and recorded loads of his second album, 'Fine Line' out in California where so many of his friends live.

He's also currently out there filming Don't Worry, Darling alongside fellow Brit, Florence Pugh, which is further cause for concern for those who are #TeamBritishAccent.

All of this, over time, has altered the singer's accent subtly, but enough for fans to notice.

Most recently, the 26-year-old accepted his award from Variety for 'Hitmaker of the Year' and recorded a video to thank fans and his team who helped create his smash second album.

Harry said: "This is a very strange and proud moment for me and for everyone I made the record with... I don't think any of us walked into he studio trying to make 'hits'."

"I think we try to make good music that we like."

"Sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn't and it's very cool to think that people liked some of the songs from the last album."

If you listen to the clip, it is the word 'and' that comes out pretty differently to everything else and it was pretty much all fans could talk about.

Some are mourning the growing loss of his British accent whilst other think the whole hybrid accent is kind of cute.

Then again, basically anything Haz does is considered cute.

This whole accent business began when Harry re-emerged from the shadows to introduce the world to his second album 'Fine Line' via a 50 minute interview with Zane Lowe, recorded from a studio in Malibu, California.

Aside from looking like a whole snack and delving into parts of Harry people had never heard before, no one could help but mention Harry's decidedly American accent throughout the whole chat.

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