These Gross Photos Will Make You Throw Out Your Old Make-Up Instantly

4 July 2017, 16:13 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 10:46

Gross old make up


We know what we’re doing when we get home tonight: getting rid of all our old make up after seeing these horrific photos. 

And it’s heartbreaking - those limited edition eyeshadows and lipsticks that looked great in the shop but you’ve never worn since and you just can’t bare to part with have actually gotta go. 

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Thanks to one Reddit user, it seems that you might want to get rid of the old make up sooner rather than later because they did a little science experiment on their expired makeup… and it involves a petri dish. 

They took swabs from their old make up and three days later found this… 

Writing, “So I swabbed my old Revlon Colorstay on a petri dish, the colour on one side and the clear on the other side and left it out for 3 days. I don’t own an incubator, but the summer heat I guess was good enough. This is what grew after 3 days”. 

old make up bacteria


However, some Reddit commenters attempted to reassure people that it perhaps isn’t as bad as it seems. 

“Since you incubated at room temp, I wouldn’t worry too much. Most pathogenic bacteria do not thrive at this level, so what’s on the plate is likely not a large concern”, one wrote.

We think that’s reassuring… we think.

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