This Incredible Make-Up Artist Transforms Herself Into Movie Characters & It's Utterly Mind-Blowing

Make Up Transformation


Not going to lie, we’re pretty stoked when we manage to get our highlighter 'on fleek'.

(We’re cringing that we just used that phrase too, don’t worry) 

> A Seriously Talented Make-Up Artist Has Turned Herself Into Film Characters & It's Perfect For Halloween

But it seems that one make up artist has upped the ante slightly when it comes to her make-up and it’s actually breathtaking. 

Samantha Staines is becoming an internet sensation after people spotted her make-up game where she has transformed her face to look as though she is being sucked into a hoover. 

Sucked Into A Hoover

Samantha Staines Hoover

Leaf Blower Situation

Not only can she create illusions but she is incredibly talented at recreating your favourite movie characters - everyone from Mr Bean to Harry Potter.

Mr Bean

Samantha Staines Mr Bean

Ron Weasley

Samantha Staines Ron Weasley

Newt Scamander 

Samantha Staines Newt Scamander

So next time that you’re boasting about how good your winged eye-liner is, maybe put it into perspective a little…

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