Fans Are Not Happy With The Names Of Kylie Jenner's Blushers As They Think They're Overly 'Sexualised'

Kylie Jenner

"Barely Legal"...

Anything that Kylie Jenner releases basically sells out instantly. 

But it seems that there has been some backlash before she has even released her latest product. 

> Kylie Jenner's Fans Are Angry With Her AGAIN After She F'ed Up The Packaging Of Her Kylighters

Kylie Jenner wears engagement band on her wedding

Yes, when Ky announced that she was going to sell a new range of blushers, her fans went mental, but when she announced the names of the shades, fans were NOT happy.


Well, some felt that she had over sexualised the products and didn’t really consider the fact that she has young girls as megafans. 

Whilst the colours of her new blushers are flawless, naturally, the names themselves are quite punchy. “X Rated”, “Barely Legal”, “Virginity”, “Hot and Bothered” and “Hopeless Romantic” all feature. 

Some have taken issue with the names, particularly with “Barely Legal” given her younger fans and her relationship with Tyga, which is rumoured to have started before she turned 18. Some people are saying that she shouldn’t sexualise young girls through her make-up products.

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