Everyone Needs To Get Over The Fact That Kendall Jenner Got Papped With Acne, Okay?

19 January 2017, 16:58 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 10:46

Kendall Jenenr

Let's all just move on now, shall we?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that celebrities and supermodels are still human and thus, are not immune to the daily annoyances such as a breakout. 

However, it seems that when you’re Kendall Jenner, some people take it upon themselves to slate you if you have a minor acne breakout.

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Probably worth remembering that she’s in her early 20’s and news flash: IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE. 

And being the outspoken, sassy lady that she is, Bella Thorne has taken it upon herself to stand up for Kendall. Because, us gals have to stick together, right? 

When Kendall touched down in New York at the start of January, a pap snapped a photo of the supermodel in which a few pimples are visible on her cheek. However, one tabloid thought it would be okay to suggest that she is having a bit of a life crisis. 


Bella saw the story and just couldn’t let it go. Taking to Twitter, she blasted the magazine for slamming a teenage celebrity in such a way. “This makes me so beyond mad. Like what everyone gets acne!! SHES A HUMAN BEING LEAVE HER ALONE for f*** sake”.  


The actress then took to Instagram to show off her own naked complexion and guess what, she’s still stunning. 

However, fans have taken to Twitter to defend the young supermodel, because #GirlPower. 

So, let’s just all agree that this sort of thing happens to everyone and all go about our day, shall we?

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