It Might Actually Offend You How Much Kylie Jenner Spontaneously Spent On Sephora Makeup

21 June 2016, 11:48 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 10:46

Kylie Jenner Asset

Yeah sure Kylie might be about to sell her home for $4M but lets just skip past that and get to the fact she's spent a near fortune on a haul of Sephora make-up.

She gave us a sneak peak at just a few of the bits she'd bought over on her Snapchat, revealing that her 'favourite thing ever is blush.' 

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But then Kylie hit us with the goods - a snap of the total sum for her make-up shopping spree. Just cast your eyes on that big number at the bottom. 

Yeah that's right, one thousand, one hundred and eighty five dollars, thirty eight pence. A grand, basically on blush. 

Goals or just a bit ridic? It's fair to say peeps were a bit 50/50 on Insta:

Kylie Jenner Insta Comments

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