There Is One Major Flaw With Rihanna’s New Puma Shoes That No One Seems To Be Talking About

Rihanna PumaXFenty

Opinion is divided at Capital HQ.

We have an issue with Rihanna’s Puma slider sandals and it's quite an obvious one, yet no one seems to be discussing it.

Don’t get us wrong, they look hella comfortable and quite cool.  

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But… they're meant to be worn around the pool or on the beach, right?

Answer this, then.  

WHO IS GOING TO WEAR FUR a) in the Sun, b) around the pool, c) on the beach?  

Well, actually, more fool us because the answer is; quite a lot of people if social media is anything to go by. 

Despite this design flaw, the new grey colour-way will join the existing black, white and pink versions that dropped earlier this year.  

The grey edition land on on 5th August and the brand will also be restocking the black, white and pink colours too. 

Can we get a WOOP WOOP? 


Get ready for summer!!!! #THEFURSLIDE will be available on on April 22 at 10am  #FENTYXPUMA

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) onApr 11, 2016 at 2:08pm PDT

Naturally, Twitter lost all chill over the announcement. 

Some praised RiRi for her collab with Puma. 

Some were straight to the point. 

Whilst others put them to do the top of their 'to buy' list. 

One user questioned how wearable they are... 

Some defended their idol. 

And one even gave Rihanna some design advice. 

Regardless of what we think, one thing we know for sure - they will sell out INSTANTLY.

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