People Think Kim Kardashian's A Communist After Her Latest Outfit Choice

28 December 2016, 14:14 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 10:46

Kim Kardashian communist

By Matt Garforth

Well at least she's not part of the illuminati, right?

The world's most popular socialite was spotted taking our favourite sassy toddler, North West, to the Los Angeles Ballet School on Christmas Eve - but it wasn't the 3-year-old who stole the show this time, it was her mum's outfit.

Now you're probably expecting us to say she was wearing something revealing with a comment like "does she even own any clothes?" - but no, she was actually wearing a massive, baggy hoodie.

Nothing wrong with comfy clothes at Christmas, but there's something a little more eye catching about this sweater...

Yeah, that's the logo for the Communist Party.

Obviously, one of the planet's highest earners of 2016 couldn't ACTUALLY be a communist (considering everyone thinks she's BFFs with the Illuminati), so what's going on?

Yeah, so as much as we'd love to spread that Kim's turned to the red side, she's actually just rocking a $770 hoodie from Russian fashion retailer SVMOSCOW.

Now can we just get back to discussing how Beyoncé runs the world?

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