16 Fashion Essentials That You Cannot Forget To Pack For Your Next Festival

22 June 2017, 16:35 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 10:46

Kia Fashion Festival Essentials

Thank us later when you're the most stylish person there.

Going to a festival can be exciting, yes, but also quite stressful because what the F am I meant to pack?! 

Fear not, we’ve got you covered. 

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Aside from the normal boring things like clothes, here’s what you're gonna want to take if you wanna look like your favourite Instagrammers. 


Preferably colour tinted one ones. If they’re not, don’t bother.

Kylie Jenner Colour Tinted Sunglasses

Bum Bag

Trust me, this will come in useful. But make it a cool one - no one's got time for those travel ones that get hidden under your clothes.

Tassel Jacket

Brown suede is preferable. 


The louder the better. Socks compulsory. 


Cap, fedora, straw hat - don’t care. Just take some form of hat with you.


For when the bum bag is too much hassle to put everything in. 

Stick On Tattoos

Metallic, obvs. 


The more the better. Take extra so you can share the glitter love with strangers. 

Flower Crown

Some think they’ve gone out of style, but don’t listen to then. You rock it.  


It’s the accessory that caters for all - around the neck or your head. It’s a one stop shop for an outfit upgrade. 


White would be stupid, so maybe opt for black. Converse are a good shout. Obvs stick to the wellies if it's pouring down though!

Mountains Of Jewellery 

Rule #293829832 of festival fashion: no amount of jewellery is too much. 

Denim Shorts 

Preferably with embroidery on them. 

Boho Crochet 

A chic waistcoat is a must-have.

Face Paint 

One day you could be a butterfly, the next a tiger. The world is really your oyster. 


So you know when you’re favourite artist is taking to the stage. Obvs. 

Also remember to take a boyfriend who will take all your Instagram photos, like this poor guy...