Caroline Flack and Andrew Brady Split: Relationship Details Revealed Including How They Met To Their Engagement

10 July 2018, 14:20 | Updated: 10 July 2018, 14:59

Caroline Flack and boyfriend Andrew Brady

Love Island presenter Caroline has had many beautiful ex-boyfriends including Harry Styles and Sam Smith’s manager, Jack Street.

Caroline Flack – who recently opened up about her ex-boyfriends – has sadly confirmed the end of her relationship with fiancé Andrew Brady.

A complete shock romance to begin with, the Love Island presenter and The Apprentice contestant went from strength to strength - even recently buying an adorable puppy Ruby together.

So how did Caroline and Andrew meet? And why did they split? Here’s everything you need to know about the happy couple:

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Caroline Flack

(PIC: Caroline Flack/Instagram)

Why did Caroline and Andrew split?

After just a couple of months of engagement, the couple have confirmed their split. Andrew wrote on Instagram: "Sad to annouce Caroline and I have decided to split ways. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and I wish her all the best in the future."
The pair haven't confirmed the reason behind the break up but rumours suggest there were a lot of "lies".

How did Caroline and Andrew meet?

Shortly after his stint on Celebrity Big Brother, Caroline recently revealed the 27 year old “slid into her DMs”.

After meeting for a few dates, the pair become inseparable, eventually making their relationship official with an Instagram snap just weeks later.

What is Caroline and Andrew’s age gap?

They say age is just a number and that's what these two believed who have a 12 year gap.

Caroline Flack

(PIC: Caroline Flack/Instagram)

Andrew and Caroline’s wedding plans

On April 28, the happy couple confirmed on Instagram they were getting married as she wrote, “He’s put it on my finger and it won’t come off ... so I’ve said yes #chooselove.”

After dating for only a matter of months, the couple have put an end to marriage plans sadly.