6 Problems Every '90s Kid Had On The Internet

12 February 2019, 16:32

We are SO happy these issues are firmly in the past...
We are SO happy these issues are firmly in the past... Picture: Getty

The struggle was so real.

You might have unrestricted access to Instagram and be able stream your favourite shows without any obstacles, but cast your minds back to a time when we weren't so lucky...

...oh yes, any '90s kid can agree that our childhood was the dark, dark time of the Internet... and we've still not gotten over how much better our lives are now.

Here's everything we all struggled with before the Internet was, y'know, good.

Even getting onto the Internet took a good 5 minutes

Forget about just sitting at the computer and being able to browse right away. Oh no, no, no. You actually had to connect to the Internet. Every. Single. Time. And this was never a fast process, either...


That dial up tone is forever stuck in your head

You can literally hear it in your head right now, can't you? We dread to think how many hours of our lives we spent listening to this hideous noise while trying to connect (or reconnect when the Internet dropped out...).


When you finally did get on, your mum or dad would inevitably need to use the phone at that exact moment

There was no such things as Internet AND phone at the same time, and we lost valuable minutes we could have spent chatting to our mates on MSN messenger for mum to have a chinwag with Debbie from down the road.


Laptop? What's that? Nah, you had a home computer and you had to share the Internet with the whole family

There was literally no privacy in those days - and you had to ration your time between everyone else in the family fighting over the computer. Which you probably kept in the 'computer room'.


Downloading or loading anything was SO slow

Not to mention that there was nowhere near the amount of stuff to do online anyway.


Internet cafes were a thing

If your Internet was down at home or you just desperately needed to get online IMMEDIATELY, you could pop down to your high street Internet cafe and use a computer dragged straight from the Stone Age which invariably came with a greasy-feeling mouse. Niiiiice.


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