5 Seriously Fun And Creative Video Date Ideas

20 April 2020, 15:00 | Updated: 21 April 2020, 15:37

Virtual dating is the future.
Virtual dating is the future. Picture: Getty Images

Here's a round up of some of the most genius virtual dating ideas so you can take the next step and get to know someone from comfort of your own home whilst testing out some seriously creative and quirky activities!

Dating options these days are truly endless, and it can sometimes seem overwhelming trying to decide what to do.

Whether it's long distance or a tight budget, there are so many personal reasons that could be holding you back from a first date that could be the best decision of your life, so let us introduce the answer to many of these problems - virtual dating!

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People all over the world are making more virtual connections than ever before, and the next natural step is to test it all out and head on a date, but did anyone ever say you have to go out to do this?!

From throwing you're beloved pet a party they'll never forget, to getting dressed up to the nines, there're some amazing opportunities to keep your dating game alive during these testing times, and we can't wait to try them all out!

Get together for cocktail hour!

Set some mood lighting, dig out the nice glasses, and get to know your date, their likes and dislikes over a boujee cocktail date, wherever in the world you both may be!

Organise a recipe list ahead of the date, so you both get the same ingredients, spirits and mixers in, the more outrageous the better, and you can experience a classy cocktail hour together, without having to spend a load of money!

With plenty to talk about, from attempting to be a mixologist (for yourself), to showing off your finest clobber, and taking it in turns to pick the evening's tunes, you can get a couple of hours of escapism whilst getting to know someone better.

Hey, if it all goes well, you could crank it up a notch to a three course gourmet meal in dates to come!

Throw a pet party!

Man's best friend, or, a first date's number one ice breaker?

Bringing along your dog, cat, parrot or rat along to a virtual date is a guaranteed conversation starter and can diffuse any tension with one adorable meow!

Tell each other about your loyal companion ahead of time, or, keep it secret for a grand unveiling; dressing them up in their adorable Halloween wardrobe is a 10/10 way to gain cuteness points.

You could even push the boat out and act as waiters for your pets for the evening, in true Lady and the Tramp style!

It's also a quick-fire way of seeing if you and your date are compatible, just watch the screen intently for any sign of them wincing at your furry friend, or grimacing at your tropical reptile.

As for allergies... we can't help in that department, you'll have to worm that one out of them yourself!

Each invite a mate, for a blind date!

You've bagged yourself a digital date, now it's time to share the love and set up a single mate with someone your date has found, and voila!, you're the lockdown matchmaker no one saw coming!

There's quite literally no better time to kick those first date nerves by having a wingman by your side, and since you’ve helped to organise the whole thing, you'll feel more comfortable before it’s even kicked off!

Ask everyone invited to organise one section of a quiz, set a theme for the evening and ask everyone to dress accordingly, and prepare for those embarrassing stories of each other to surface at one point or another!

Plus, there will be that post-date video chat debrief, which we all know is the best part...

Try out a load of virtual ideas!
Try out a load of virtual ideas! Picture: Getty Images

Settle down to a joint movie night!

Dating can often be expensive business, so why not get back to basics with a movie night, complete with snacks, reviews, and the inevitable disagreement over what to watch!

So, make an evening of it, have fun working out who gets to pick the film by playing a game, whilst the other gets to pick the snacks, review it after (without the internet's help!) and it's a great way to lock in that second date by letting the other person pick the film next time!

Top tip: If you settle down to watch a True Crime doc or the viral, Tiger King, you'll need hours to talk it all through, it's the perfect conversation starter!

Issa Karaoke party!

Talk about getting creative!

This one probably isn't for the faint hearted, but there's so much fun to be had, trust us.

You can easily access every Karaoke tracks you heart desires online, lyrics and all, so you and your date can belt out some classic duets, find out more about each other's music taste, and truly see if you've met your match!

Each pick a couple of mates to come along if you're nervous and divide yourself into teams, dress up, get the disco ball out, and have a blast!

With these talking points you’re never going to run out of things to say on a video date, so why not make the first move today?

Get started by signing up to Bumble and find new connections with people in your area.

And, guess what, the platform’s video call feature is the perfect way to gauge whether there is enough chemistry to warrant a meet up further down the line.

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