5 Signs You & Your Bestie Can Communicate Using Facial Expression

9 October 2018, 15:42

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are two BFF's who can talk just using a 'look'
Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are two BFF's who can talk just using a 'look'. Picture: Getty

Sometimes in life, you can't just lean over to your BFF and tell you them what you need to, so you've invented a highly complex and advanced facial expression system so you guys can communicate whatever you need at any hour of the day, without anyone else knowing...

Be it your work wife, BFF or library buddy, there are so many infuriating times in life you need to chat to your pal in a silent situation but can't possibly say that the person sat by you is chewing so loudly it's making you want to pull your hair out.

5 Signs That You've Totally Got Yourself A Work Wife

Cue you and your BFF's dictionary of facial expressions, so broad yet specialised that it covers every silent conversation from: 'are you hungry because I need food like, now' to 'have you listened to that new Ariana Grande song because it is FIREE.'

So, let's delve into some of the sure fire signs to show you guys totally have your own hidden language.

Ah, a classic expression whipped out between the two of you when you're both in total agreement about something but no one else seems to get, it. This look is: "I mean, right?!" and you guys probably swap this six times a day minimum, showing just how in sync you are with literally everything. Look, even Chrissy Teigan agrees!


Mmm mm mmm. Nope. If you catch this glance, this is a red alert. Your work wife has just come out of a meeting, settled at their desk and shot you this glance, it means there's serious trouble in store for whoever is the cause of this 'nuh-uh' expression, and you need the next set of expressions to piece together just what Kevin in HR has said to cause this monstrosity of a mood. Good luck.


When someone says something that can only illicit the facial expression of 'I'm sorry, what?' and you shoot that, 'WTF glance across the room, it's alright, your work wife has already spotted it, and is probably pulling a face back that says something like, 'girl, are you for real?!', and the best thing? No one even knows the drama that's about to pop off, it's fail safe.


Your mate instantly knows when you're annoyed when you give the ever so slight, barely noticeable eye-roll that speaks volumes of the 'I've had enough of this BS for now, next' and is usually followed by a text saying: "WHAT HAPPENED". The eye-roll is truly a staple to any non-verbal hidden language due to it's versatility.


When you finally catch up with each other, you know, after all the eyebrow raising and eye rolling from across the room, you already know exactly what they're going to say, because duh, you've already had the conversation...with your faces.

Seriously, people should recruit you into spy school because that you guys have created a code that's impossible to crack.


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