2021 Album Release Watch: Zayn, Adele, Anne-Marie & Drake Tipped To Release Records

8 January 2021, 13:27 | Updated: 8 January 2021, 16:06

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Loads of British artists are tipped to release albums in 2021
Loads of British artists are tipped to release albums in 2021. Picture: PA Images

2020 sucked but it gave us some of the best pop music maybe *ever*, so what does 2021 have in store for us and who is tipped to be releasing albums? From Zayn to Adele, here's what to come...

2021 is officially here, which means a fresh bunch of artists are gearing up to drop albums they worked on throughout 2020 with the likes of Zayn and Drake records confirmed.

2020 gave us some of the best music we've had in years, from Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift to BTS, so we have incredibly high hopes this will continue into this year.

So, let's see who is likely to bless us with new music this year...

Zayn's 'Vibez' Lyrics Explained As Singer Gets NSFW About Gigi Hadid Relationship


2021 arrived and we could feel the good energy come with it and weren't we proven right when Zayn casually posted he had a track coming on the first Friday of the month.

Titled 'Vibez', we finally know what the former One Direction singer was doing at a theatre in New York back in December and it's widely speculated this will be a track from his upcoming third album rumoured to be titled 'Nobody Is Listening'.

The record is yet to be confirmed as is the title, but the arrival of a new track is seriously good news and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for us.


Adele hasn't released an album since 2015
Adele hasn't released an album since 2015. Picture: Getty

The ballad queen has taken a considerable break from music since her last album, '25', released in 2015.

Yes, you read that right, it has been five whole years since we were blessed with an album from the British singer but the rumour mill is promising truly enormous things to come from her.

Not only is there said to be her fourth record on the way, but the multi GRAMMY winning star has a collaboration with actual Beyoncé in the works.


If Queen B has a tune on the way with Adele (reportedly) then who is to say the pioneer of the surprise drop herself doesn't have big thinks in the works for 2021.

She's Beyoncé- we're not sure if she's actually had a day off since her career began, so we'd hate to rule anything out.

Plus, putting it into the universe may help it come true?


The 'Birthday' singer announced her second album was ready to go back in January 2020, but, as we all know, a whole lot has changed since then.

Posting in July, Anne-Marie sat at her laptop working away on the record in July with a whole lot more time to fine tune it during the lockdown.

Choosing to hold onto the record, we're eagerly awaiting its release which we're assuming will be some time this year.

Harry Styles

Late 2019 was when Harry Styles graced us with his smash hit second album 'Fine Line' that gave us such incredible tracks as 'Adore You' and 'Golden'.

There have been rumours and hints the former One Direction singer's continued to create music throughout 2020 despite having a seriously jam packed year filming music videos and his upcoming role in Don't Worry, Darling.

He's definitely been songwriting, but whether any of it has been for himself remains to be seen, but after the enormous success of 'Fine Line' we wouldn't be surprised if Haz got to work on a third record.


One of the confirmed records on the way is Drizzy's 'Certified Lover Boy' which will be the superstar's sixth album.

He promised it would arrive in January, but we're savvy to the fact release dates can often be pushed, especially in the times we're living in.

However, Drake seems like he's ready to go and we can't wait for more bangers!

Taylor Swift?

At the rate Ms. Swift is dropping music we daren't disinclude her name from this list because we'd look like fools, once again, when she announces with no more than twelve hours to go she has another record on the way.

We'll *never* forget the TWO separate days in 2020 when we screamed and ran around our bedroom from her double drop, once in August and again in December, and it really perked up what was a pretty bleak year.

Let's make it a trilogy, shall we Tay?

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