Six Times The #CapitalSTB Family Stanned Each Other

5 June 2019, 06:00 | Updated: 5 June 2019, 16:17

The #CapitalSTB family have stanned each other
The #CapitalSTB family have stanned each other. Picture: PA Images (L); Twitter (R)

From surprise on-stage collaborations, to loving antics backstage, Capital's Summertime Ball's family have seriously supported each other in the past.

Capital's Summertime Ball have seen some of the world's biggest stars - from Taylor Swift to - stanning their fellow Ballers in the greatest ways.

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Along with Apple Music, we've looked back at some of our favourite times when the #CapitalSTB family really have come together.

  1. When Charlie Puth wore a Liam Payne personalised tee

    It's clear that there's no bromance quite like the one between Charlie Puth and One Direction's Liam Payne.

    The 'Strip That Down' singer actually personally made a t-shirt with his face on it for Charlie Puth, after he borrowed Charlie's hoodie and forgot to return it.

    We didn't expect the bromance to be so powerful as it got, after Charlie wore it for his entire #CapitalSTB set.

  2. When Usher brought out Justin Bieber and to perform with him

    Nine years ago, Usher invited superstars, Justin Bieber and to perform with him on stage during his set.

    And the best part? It was a total surprise to everyone at Capital's Summertime Ball.

    We rate legends supporting legends like this...

    Justin Bieber joined Usher on stage at Capital's Summertime Ball 2010
    Justin Bieber joined Usher on stage at Capital's Summertime Ball 2010. Picture: PA Images
  3. When Taylor Swift dueted with her buddy, Ed Sheeran

    If you didn't know that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran were close mates, you must be living under a rock.

    But what you may not know is that Ed wanted to help the 'Shake It Off' singer so badly, that he joined her on stage to perform their duet, 'Everything Has Changed', together.

    And to think, sometimes I can't even get a mate to text me back.

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran sang together at Capital's Summertime Ball
    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran sang together at Capital's Summertime Ball. Picture: PA Images
  4. When Camila Cabello sang 'Havana' in the style of fellow Baller, Sean Paul

    'Havana' is easily one of Camila Cabello's biggest songs, so you can't be more honoured than having her sing the song while impersonating you.

    That's what she did for Sean Paul, who was also performing at the #CapitalSTB that year.

    While catching up with Roman Kemp, Camila also sang as Niall Horan, Sia and Cardi B.

  5. When Jonas Blue invited HRVY to do the biggest performance of his life

    Despite recording the song 'Mama' with William Singe, Jonas Blue took to Capital's Summertime Ball stage in 2018 with a different featured vocalist.

    Jonas supported his good mate, HRVY, by inviting him to perform at Wembley Stadium with him.

    This would have made it HRVY's biggest performance. Get you a mate who loves you like Jonas loves HRVY.

  6. When Zara Larsson agreed to marry Roman Kemp

    When it comes to the #CapitalSTB family loving each other, you can't forget about Zara Larsson, one of the loveliest gals in pop.

    She's so lovely, in fact, that Roman Kemp had to get down on one knee and propose... Only for the 'Lush Life' singer to agree.

    (Don't panic, Brian - it was, of course, a prank, but you can't help but agree with Roman and stan Zara, right?)