Here's Why The Sound Kept Going Off During Kendrick Lamar's BRITs 2018 Live Performance

21 February 2018, 22:15 | Updated: 21 February 2018, 22:33

No, your TV isn't broken don't worry!

As Kendrick Lamar stood on top of a perspex box whilst someone smashed up a Lamborghini inside it, people across the world were confused. Not because someone would be mad enough to destroy a £250,000 sports car, but because the sound kept going off.

What was going on and do we need to be heading out to buy a new TV set tomorrow?

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It turns out that the real reason for the dips in sound was because Kendrick was using explicit language and live TV audiences can't be listening to swearing!

Sound problems also marred the beginning of Kendrick's performance as he laid on the stage and his performance was seemingly restarted on a number of occasions.

Thankfully he managed to get into it eventually and from what we heard it sounded like an epic performance, but sadly the sound engineer is gonna be pretty red faced.

Oh and that Lambo destruction...yeah that was mental!

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