"He Would've Loved It" George Michael's Bandmates Discuss Their Tribute With Roman Kemp

22 February 2017, 22:59 | Updated: 23 February 2017, 09:55

Roman & Wham!

Pepsi, Shirlie and Andrew Ridgeley's tribute to George Michael was a serious tear jerker!

The BRIT Awards paid their respects to a number of amazing people involved in the music indutry who have passed away during the last year, but it was Pepsi, Shirlie and Andrew Ridgeley's tribute to their former Wham! bandmate George Michael that really brought everyone in the crowd to tears.

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Capital's Roman Kemp caught up with the group to talk about the incredibly moving moment in an exclusive interview backstage...

This was a first for Roman too as Shirlie is Roman's mum - we can only imagine how he must've felt watching his mum's emotional speech on stage.

Such a fitting tribute to a real music legend.

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