Pete Gets Stuck in the Airlock

It would appear Pete hasn't mastered using a door.

The reason for this is Pete keeps losing his security pass for our studios at Capital East Midlands. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem until you realise there is one part of the walkway from the office area to the studio's where if you don't have your pass you get  stuck in an area we call 'The Airlock'.

Pete is the most recent victim of the airlock. It happens if you don't have your pass and you allow the door behind you to shut before you open the next door.

So from now on we will be keeping a telly of why gets stuck in the airlock.

Pete - 5

Dino - 2

Brainz - 1

Tyles- 0

Here's the latest video of Pete stuck for your amusement!!!

And another of Pete

 And another time he got stuck!