Getting to know Dino

I left school and became a carpenter. Having listened constantly to the radio for years on building sites, I decided I’d quite like to be on it cos it sounded like fun.

So that’s exactly what I did. Since 2003 I’ve been part of an on air team with a guy called Pete, who I spend most of my time apologizing for!

Name: Dean Weatherbed

Most listened to track on my iPod: Depends what mood I’m in …. Rhiannas new album Loud is up there with the most played at the moment

Most embarrassing track on my iPod: Probably a random Britney track. I have no excuse, sorry.

First single ever bought: Duran Duran ‘the reflex’. 12” disc still in my possession!

Worst job interview ever: Never had a job interview. Well not a proper one with suits and stuff!

Ideal night out: Anywhere you get to have a good time and a proper laugh! Live music is always a good start.

Favourite film: Notting Hill

Favourite tipple: Peroni or Tea..How very British

1st childhood memory: Being told there was going to be a new face in town when my brother was born, well I was only 3!

Party trick: I can unicycle….no of course I can’t!

Most likely to say: ‘Don’t worry mate it’ll be fine’ or ‘I didn’t do it’

Least likely to say: ‘No Pete didn’t break that it was me’

Hobbies: Gigs, Football and my motorbike!

If I wasn't me I'd like to be: Any of the Euro millions winners!

Most scared of: any one who says ‘can I see you in my office-NOW!’

One thing that you couldn’t live without: Chocolate

Not many people know this about me but: I actually wanted to be a PE teacher.

Best piece of advice ever given: By Gaz a friend of mine  ‘If you want to do it, go for it mate!’