Worries Brexit-Related Crime Will Increase Before March 29th

21 January 2019, 09:10 | Updated: 21 January 2019, 09:21


There's a worry police forces could be busier than they've ever been in the weeks leading up to the UK leaving the EU.

A Freedom of Information request by Capital revealed almost 1,500 crimes and incidents relating to Brexit were reported to police in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the three years to last September.

The figures, which span the time leading up to, during and after the EU referendum in 2016, include 53 in Derbyshire Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.

The offences include more serious crime like assault, harassment, hate crime and racist and abusive online messages as well as from people worried about demonstrations and banners being placed in public spaces.

One of those who has reported abuse online to police is Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan, who has received death threats, being told she is a "traitor".

French national Vie Lusandu, from West Yorkshire, was abused alongside her 11-year-old son by a man on a train between Leeds and Bingley last year. 

She's told Capital she thinks there are many more crimes and incidents that haven't been reported. 


The Chairman of Nottinghamshire's Police Federation has told Capital he believes that with the UK's withdrawal just around the corner, police forces across the country could be "busier than they've ever been."

Dave Keen says there could be a rise in Brexit-related crime as March 29th nears.


Many forces are planning to deal with the fall out from Brexit, with some annual leave being cancelled.

Derbyshire and Leicestershire Police have both said they'll stop leave in the weeks around the UK's withdrawal.