Vet Wants Anti-freeze 'Bittering' Chemical

24 November 2014, 07:31 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Derbyshire vet wants anti-freeze to be banned unless manufacturers add a chemical that makes it less tasty for cats.

Animals can get kidney failure if they drink too much Ethylene Glycol, which is found in liquids like screen wash over winter.

Figures from The Veterinary Poisons Information Service show that the most common cause of death in more than 200,000 is Ethylene Glycol poisoning, an ingredient in anti-freeze.

'Highly Toxic'

Stats also show that 90% of cats that swallow antifreeze will die as a result.

Will Newbury, Clinic Director at White Cross Vets in Alvaston, explains:

'We see too many poisoned pets across our practices every year who are in distress after swallowing antifreeze either as a terrible accident or a malicious act of cruelty.

'Ethylene Glycol is highly toxic and because of its sweet taste it is especially appealing to pets but just one teaspoon is enough to kill a cat and a tablespoon will kill a dog.

'If an accidental spill occurs and a pet either drinks or walks through the antifreeze and then licks their paws it can kill them. We have also seen cases where pets have been intentionally poisoned with food that has been soaked in antifreeze.'

James Harris from White Cross Vets, Alvaston