Short Double Yellow Lines Painted In Leicester

2 December 2015, 07:07 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Leicester short double yellow lines

Double yellow lines measuring less than two feet in length have been painted on a street in Leicester.

Leicester City Council said the freshly repainted lines on Chatham Street cost the authority around £1 when they were given a new coat in November.

The lines - measuring around 48 centimetres or just under 19 inches - are intended to help drivers differentiate between a disabled parking bay and a regular one.

Residents have questioned whether the lines are the shortest in the city.

Student Matthew Taylor, 21, said: ``They're pretty tiny, aren't they? You've got to be pretty careless to have a wheel on them and get a ticket.''

A council spokesman said: ``We no longer use such markings in this way, but as this one was already there, it was repainted recently as part of a wider programme of yellow line-painting.''