Online Bullying

On Safer Internet Day - Capital has been finding out what life is like for people who get bullied online.

We've been speaking to 18 year old Abbi Morrall Faulkner from Leicestershire, who suffered bullying as a child, but went on to set up a successful website to help others experiencing bullying.

She told Capital she's seen a rise in 'cyber bullying' where people are using the internet, social networking sites and mobile phones to abuse others, beyond the classroom. "When you're reading something that someones posted to you on a message, always affects you mentally - you can drop your self esteem and confidence so much, that you really do feel as if "how can I go on - where can I go, I've got nowhere to turn to."

But Abbi says there is help available, plenty of anti-bullying sites and helplines, and told us she wants to see more people raising awareness of this.

You can check out Abbi's website on the links box on the right.