Nottinghamshire MP Unable To Go Home Over Brexit Death Threats

22 March 2019, 08:33 | Updated: 22 March 2019, 08:37

Anna Soubry and Chuka Ummuna The Independent Group

A Nottinghamshire MP has revealed that she is unable to go home to her constituency this weekend because of the seriousness of the death threats she is facing.

A day after the Prime Minister blamed MPs for failing to implement the result of the Brexit referendum, Anna Soubry spoke of the importance of the language used by politicians.

The former minister, who quit the Conservative Party to join The Independent Group last month, said she was facing "very, very serious death threats, especially when people know your home address".

Speaking outside the Cabinet Office where she and TIG spokesman Chuka Umunna held talks with David Lidington, Ms Soubry was asked about Theresa May's choice of language.

She told reporters: "I can't go home this weekend, I'm not able to go home this weekend, I am not safe.

"When a senior police officer tells your partner that if it was his wife in the situation that I am in he would say 'I am frightened for her safety' I think that tells you everything.

"I'm not alone in this - I mean Chuka has obviously had death threats, so many of us have had that - but this is the reality of it, that's why the language that politicians and indeed everybody uses, including the media, is so important.

"We are tired of being called traitors. When people use that language the next thing that happens is that I get an email that says 'Traitors get beheaded, that's what should happen to you'."